Monthly general meetings are now being held on the last Saturday of each month. We encourage your attendance.

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Saturday April 25, 2009 at 5:00pm

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Top Hop Gardens
4338 N State Road 7 (US 441),
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    Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2009! As we enter into this “year of hope”; I am optimistic about the future of our chapter. I am honored to have been selected to lead, and intend to do my level best to take the organization to new heights.

    I am confident in the abilities of my fellow board members and together we will explore many new avenues in achieving our goals. It is a new day, which necessitates a different thought process. We have to think globally in order to achieve success.

    Our goals for the short term are:
          •Improving conditions at our alma mater
          •Increasing our fundraising through improved methods
          •Contributing to local community causes

    Long term we hope to establish a foundation, which will perpetually provide resources that enable Calabar High School to become self-sufficient.

    I need the support of Calabar alumnae worldwide, as well as friends of our beloved institution, in order to achieve these goals. I welcome your contribution as well as your suggestions for improvement.

    Blessings;    Michael W. Schloss


Brothers all:
My term as president of the CHSAA South Florida got off to a swinging start on Sunday. We hosted our annual all-alumni soccer tournament in Miramar, and it was a smashing success. The tournament featured teams from nine schools and the competition was intense and entertaining.
In the end, I am happy to report that the Herb McKenley trophy will be housed at 61 Red Hills Road for another year. In a pitched battle that ended regulation in a scoreless tie; and was decided on penalty kicks; Calabar edged St. George's College to claim victory.
I am very proud of the effort put forth by the south Florida crew in planning and executing this tournament. We were given a lot of support by Barites, family members and friends of Calabar. My sincere thanks to everyone who assisted, participated in and/or supported this event.
The feedback from the tourney participants was mostly positive and we look forward to a bigger and better tourney next year. Thanks again to Campion College, Excelsior, Jamaica College (2007 champs), Kingston College, Knox College, Meadowbrook, St. George's College and Wolmers for participating.
Special thank you's to Sidney "SiddyBee" Dixon for providing the music and to Dreamy Riley and Errol Lyons for photographing the tournament. Kudos to Leroy Reynolds for catering and extra special thanks to Leroy Harding for donating food.
Carl Harrison and Steven Golding donated game jerseys. Chris Stennett procured prizes for the raffles as well as Calabar merchandise. The spouses of the executive assisted tremendously. Yvonne Streete and Andrea Campbell handled team registration, Sheena McCalla sold a lot of fruit cups, Ruth Stennett assisted with the raffles and Calabar merchandise, and Brenel Schloss served meals in the food tent.
I would be remiss if I didn't thank Dr Winston Whyte as well as that young man "Milo", (Leroy Harding's protege), for assisting in the food tent. Robert Carter sold a lot of raffle tickets, Glen England assisted Stennett with the raffles/merchandising. Steven Golding and Kirk Ennis coached and managed the Calabar team, Dwight Robinson coordinated and procured the facility for the tournament. Edmund Campbell coordinated trophies and Theodore Hammond provided transportation for large items. My apologies if I inadvertently forgot to mention anyone, you have my sincere gratitude nonetheless.
Mike McCalla, Dougie Streete and I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING all day!
Extra special thank you's to State Representative Hazelle Rogers, Lauderhill City Commissioner Dale Holness and Attorney Marlon Hill, president of the Jamaica Diaspora for their attendance and participation.
Our next chapter meeting is scheduled for Saturday December 13, 2008 at SiddyBee's shop located at 5415 NW 15th Street, Ste #25, Margate FL 33083.

Recently our esteemed brother Val listed some highlights from 2008 and solicited our responses and a similar list. I deliberately waited for the end of the year to post mine. I continue to give thanks that in 2008:
•I remain cancer-free eighteen-plus months post prostate cancer surgery
•I remain married twenty-plus months post "jumping the broom"
•At age fifty-one, I am now firmly esconced in the "half century club"
•I have managed to keep my head above water (barely) despite the housing crisis which has significantly affected my career (real estate appraiser)
•I finally passed the state boards and now experience true independence in my career
•I celebrated victory on the field of competition for the NFL's New York Giants, Calabar's Track and Field team, and the Jamaican Olympics Track and Field team.
•Our alumni association (South Florida chapter) finally achieved not-for-profit status, opening a whole range of new avenues/opportunities for us to explore in our fund-raising efforts
•I was humbled by being elected president of our  alumni association (South Florida chapter) and look forward to the challenges of the office and improving upon the association's operation
•I participated in the process and celebrated the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of this nation. This historic event has given us hope in the face of the many crises he must now deal with
•I continue daily to be educated, enlightened, entertained, encouraged, inspired and (I suspect) appreciated, by this very august group, this band of brothers collectively referred to as cass-cass!
My brothers I thank you all for contributing positively to what has been a very challenging year for us all. There have been triumphs and tragedies; still we persevere. I raise my glass and drink to your good health and the continued strength and prosperity of your families, as well as to the renaissance of our beloved alma mater, Calabar High School.

First off a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009 to all and their families. Last evening I attended a wonderful celebration hosted by my good friend and Calabar brethren Charles Sang; along with his hockey club Graydogs. I had the privilege of being part of the entertainment.
"And a great time was had by all" is an understatement; the revelling went on until the wee hours of the morning; nay; the dawn's early light!
I attached a photo of yours truly flanked by Barites Dougie Townsend, David Hoo and the man himself, Sir Charles "Tybalt" Sang. I will post photos of myself performing when they become available. My wife, the erstwhile paparazza conveniently went on strike while I was singing, so I will have to procure them from other sources.

 Blessings in abundance;  

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