Monthly general meetings are now being held on the last Saturday of each month. We encourage your attendance.

Our next General Meeting
Saturday April 25, 2009 at 5:00pm

General Meeting Location.
Top Hop Gardens
4338 N State Road 7 (US 441),
Lauderdale Lakes.
Located on US 441 south of
Commercial Boulevard


Now an official
501C3 Not for Profit

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Dancing With Queens


The motto is “The Utmost for the Highest”. Calabar was one of the first Jamaican schools to have its motto expressed in English instead of Latin.



Like an ancient river flowing
From the mountain to the sea
So we follow, coming, going
To the wider life to be.
On our course from the source
To the wider life to be.

Here Sir!, HereSir!, HereSir!, HereSir!
So we answer near or far
Here Sir!, HereSir!, HereSir!, HereSir!
At the call of Calabar

One by one and as they name us
Forth we go from boyhood's rule
Sworn to be renowned and famous
For the honour of the school
True as steel, in our zeal
For the honour of the school.

So today and oh, if ever
Duty's voice is ringing clear
Bidding men to brave endeavour
We will answer we are here
Come what will, good or ill
We will answer we are here.



The colors are green, representing growth, and black, representing difficulties to be overcome.



The school crest is a shield bordered by black and yellow
  calabar-crest enlosing a green field. A girdle bears the words of the motto in yellow letters and encloses a tree of knowledge which divides the central portion of the crest into three parts. The upper part contains the spreading branches of the tree, the left lower part shows a lion signifying strength, and the right lower part shows an open Bible signifying truth and Godliness. (Add link for CalabarCrest.jpeg)


Corinth  -  Green

Athens - Purple

Troy - Red

Sparta - Yellow

Rome- Blue

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School Board


baptist union


Class system


Monitors Prefects

Head and Deputy Head - function and selection

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