Monthly general meetings are now being held on the last Saturday of each month. We encourage your attendance.

Our next General Meeting
Saturday April 25, 2009 at 5:00pm

General Meeting Location.
Top Hop Gardens
4338 N State Road 7 (US 441),
Lauderdale Lakes.
Located on US 441 south of
Commercial Boulevard


Now an official
501C3 Not for Profit

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Calabar Alumni Association, Florida
Minutes of the Last General Meeting
Held  3/28/09

Call to Order:
Association president Michael Schloss called to order the general meeting of the  Calabar Alumni Association, Florida at 5:35 pm on 3/28/09 at Top Hop Gardens located at 4340 N State Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.

Roll Call
The following persons were present at the meeting: Stephen Golding, Carl Harrison, Michael Schloss, Douglas Streete, Robert Carter, Theodore Hammond, Sid Dixon, Dwight Robinson, Kirk Ennis, Glendon England, Colin Beaumont, and Ralston Lyons.  
Absent were Christopher Stennet and Michael McCalla.  Both members gave prior notification.
Michael Schloss led the opening prayer.

Approval of Minutes from last meeting:
Theodore Hammond read the minutes from the last meeting. Spelling of “Glendon English’s” name was corrected to “Glendon England”.  Minutes were then approved by Stephen Golding and Robert Carter.

Treasurer’s Report.
Douglas Streete gave a report on the organization’s finances.  Two approved expenditures were made since the last fundraising event.  Expenses included organization’s website renewal.  A final balance was reported.           

Open Issues
       I.  The annual Calabar-Queens dance was discussed.  Due to additional mandatory costs imposed by the usual venue, all members were asked to urgently seek alternative venues and report findings to the president accordingly.  If a more suitable venue can be located the event will be moved to that location.  A deadline for deciding on a venue and to begin full advertisement was set for mid April.

       II. Michael Schloss confirmed a procedure for the distribution of sponsorship letters. The president will be notified of all potential sponsors at which point he will forward an official letter from this organization; through the individual identifying the potential sponsor, to the sponsor.  

New Business:
•Kirk Ennis notified attendees of an invitation extended to Calabar Alumni to participate in an exhibition game at the JC-Georges Ziadie Cup tournament.  The game is set for 4/18/09 at Broward Regional Park.  The invitation was accepted.  Douglas Streete, Dwight Robinson and Robert Carter volunteered to hand out flyers to advertise the Calabar-Queens dance at this event. Kirk Ennis will confirm the provision of refreshments with event organizers.
•Robert Carter volunteered to be in charge of advertising for the Organization.  He will take the lead in getting the word out on fund raising events.
•Michael Schloss informed attendees that Don Phillibert, president of the New York Chapter, is seeking assistance to sponsor Calabar High School‘s Penn Relays team.  The following suggestions were made:

      1.  Donations may be solicited and made to the organization.
      2.  Mr. Schloss and Douglas Streete will investigate a proposed budget and
     spending plans for the funds received. 
      3.Donations should be kept separately from currently raised funds.

•After much discussion it was decided that this organization would contact Calabar High School when funds are ready to be distributed to the school at which point transparent communication will be made as to the allocation of these funds.  Dwight Robinson has agreed to be the person who makes direct contact with the School’s principal to determine how funds will be spent.  $1000.00 will be sent now.  Another donation will be made after the next fund raising event, the sum of which will be determined pending returns.

•Events planned for 2009 include Queens – Calabar dance, Calabar dance, Wagga Hunt Memorial football match, and Calabar Soccer tournament.

•Carl Harrison has identified computers (CPU only) that can be donated to Calabar High School.  This organization has agreed to cover the cost of shipping, up to $100.00, pending more details from Carl Harrison, Douglas Streete, and Michael Schloss.

•All members are expected to contribute (work) as needed at the Queens-Calabar dance.  Duties/responsibilities will be assigned at a later date prior to the event.

•Robert Carter requested an update on the e-mail and address database being compiled to obtain pledges/contributions.  Douglas Streete suggested that further detailed discussion was required for this project.  Attendees agreed.

            Michael Schloss adjourned the meeting at 7:43 pm.  The next meeting will be at 5:00pm on 4/25/09 at 4340 N state Road 7, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.

Minutes Submitted by: Stephen Golding
Minutes approved by:  Michael Schloss

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