Monthly general meetings are now being held on the last Saturday of each month. We encourage your attendance.

Our next General Meeting
Saturday April 25, 2009 at 5:00pm

General Meeting Location.
Top Hop Gardens
4338 N State Road 7 (US 441),
Lauderdale Lakes.
Located on US 441 south of
Commercial Boulevard

Our Chapter

Now an official
501C3 Not for Profit

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Dancing With Queens

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  2. Our Chapter
    • Overview
    • Presidents Page
      • Message with picture
      • Goals for term – briefly stated
    • Officers and Board
      • Picture  - position and responsibility.
      • Brief bio and contact information
    • Chapter members – list of members – link to bio pages
      • How to join – with online application. – basic; name, address, email, year, nickname, etc.
    • Members only Access.
      • Approved Budgets - income and Expense and balance sheet.
      • Confidential news items – members only
      • Good and Welfare – Sensitive
    • Archives
      • Minutes of Meetings  - Archive – Read only P D F.
      • Financials  -  Archive – Read only P D F.
      • Good and Welfare; non-sensitive
      • Constitution and By-laws
  3. Calabar High school
    • Principals Page
    • Deputies Page
    • Staff and Subject  - with pictures if possible.
    • Head Boy and Deputy
    • Monitors and Prefects
    • Forms and Class Captains
      • Calabar Creed
        School song
  4. Where Are You
    • Past Students’ list – with link to “Then and Now” pictures and “Then and now” bio.
    • Calabar Stories
  5. Calabar Legends
    • Herb McKinley
    • Asphalt
    • Tuk Shop workers and others still alive
  6. Flag Pole – Blog....Our version of Cass-cass
  7. Events
  8. Merchandise
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